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Who Am I-The Looters

“I am above the law. I can lie, cheat, steal and kill and still be tried by a jury of favorable peers… Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright!”

Shouts Out to John Boehner…

For the Best-Dressed looter in Congress! This Muthafucka is flyer than “Maserati” John Gotti!!! I would talk about how he backed out of talks to raise the debt ceiling but who gives a fuck? The right and the left are on the same body and we are the loot from which both hands steal…@$%# Say [...]

“Do You Think Gold Is Money….. No”

Federal Reserve Chairman World Class Pirate and Looter Ben Bernanke slithered his way through tough questions with a dumb face and a sharp beard… Chopper offered me a gut-busting laugh at the end when asked about the storage of Gold by the federal reserve in which he replies “It’s tradition”. This is what we should [...]

The War Budget

With the Government on the brink of a shutdown via “The Debt Ceiling”,  the defense budget is barely touched. With current WARS peace efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan(shhhhh) and Yemen(well, just a little bit), the US is Big Pimpin’-Spendin Cheese. “”Fuck it, lets run up in spots… Blow shit up… Kill innocent bystanders… Lie [...]

Hustle Man, Ice Pic & Marty Mar

When Martin Lawrence was “The Man” and Tracy Morgan was truly “Totally Awesome”… Check how stoned Martin was in this clip, he could hardly keep his composure @$%#

Are children born messed up or Is it the Parenting?

Well after a couple weeks off, we are proud to present another hilarious topic from The Ghetto Dr. Phil. This week on the Corey Holcomb 5150 show the question is “Are your children born f*cked up or is it the parenting?” Enjoy @$%# Part 1

Whats the Difference…

…Between Porn and Prostitution? The Camera Stupid!!! Kamikaze Koczar @$%#

Russia Today

Have any of you ever payed attention to how attractive the female news correspondents are on Russia Today ? Well I have and it amazes me that they hire so many good-looking women over there. I noticed a few years ago that Faux Fox News were concentrating on offering more legs and thighs than “Popeyes” [...]

‘The Boondocks’ Series Finale?

I will say that this is/was a great series however I’m not sure that the last two episodes “ever” served the people right. IMO it could’ve been written better although the concept was cool… You decide… @$%#

Proof That Racism is Wack!!!

I think I was in High School when this dropped and I came to the conclusion that it’s not instinct to hate one another.  Man is the beginning and end of such behavior, check out how Buddy was about to clock Jordy @ the 0:23 mark (LMAO)… I just hope little man ain’t somewhere coppin [...]