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Don’t Ask But Do Tell

I guess World-Famous Pirate Barack Obama thought it was about time to end the ban on openly gay military service. Starting September 20th gay service members will be able to openly acknowledge their sexual orientation. The lift also allows those who were discharged over the past 17 years under Clinton’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell” policy [...]

Are children born messed up or Is it the Parenting?

Well after a couple weeks off, we are proud to present another hilarious topic from The Ghetto Dr. Phil. This week on the Corey Holcomb 5150 show the question is “Are your children born f*cked up or is it the parenting?” Enjoy @$%# Part 1

Whats the Difference…

…Between Porn and Prostitution? The Camera Stupid!!! Kamikaze Koczar @$%#

Russia Today

Have any of you ever payed attention to how attractive the female news correspondents are on Russia Today ? Well I have and it amazes me that they hire so many good-looking women over there. I noticed a few years ago that Faux Fox News were concentrating on offering more legs and thighs than “Popeyes” [...]

‘The Boondocks’ Series Finale?

I will say that this is/was a great series however I’m not sure that the last two episodes “ever” served the people right. IMO it could’ve been written better although the concept was cool… You decide… @$%#

Proof That Racism is Wack!!!

I think I was in High School when this dropped and I came to the conclusion that it’s not instinct to hate one another.  Man is the beginning and end of such behavior, check out how Buddy was about to clock Jordy @ the 0:23 mark (LMAO)… I just hope little man ain’t somewhere coppin [...]

Responsible Solutions?

The Federal Looter Drug Administration approves a new pill for “Responsible Women” who fear pregnancy. “Ella” is designed to be used within five days of  unprotected sexual intercourse or a contraceptive failure that could result in a unwanted young one. This alternative to abortion will require a prescription however you better act fast because you [...]

Blackberry Ban? NOOOOOOOOO

Some of us are crazy about our iPhones, others are Crackberry Blackberry aficionados, and we can’t forget about our other smart phone geeks- the G1, Droid, and HTC junkies( I know, it sounds like a real narcotic). But the real news is that in which the UAE(United Arab Emirates) imposes a ban on RIM’s super [...]

Kiddie Porn in the Pentagon

Something wicked this way comes… This is a true sign of a society that is due for a cleansing. According to Fox News, several dozen pentagon workers with highly sensitive security clearances were picked up in a child porn sting. These  filthy fuckers apparently used government computers to view and purchase child pornography while dealing [...]

The Picture Phone Phenomenon

Amateurs on the camera phone seem to be a viral wave hitting the world. Whether its the girl taking pics at the club, a faithful dame giving her soldier boyfriend at war a little show or full blown amateur porn, the camera phone is becoming the new director behind millions of debutantes… Guys would be [...]