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Hustle Man, Ice Pic & Marty Mar

When Martin Lawrence was “The Man” and Tracy Morgan was truly “Totally Awesome”… Check how stoned Martin was in this clip, he could hardly keep his composure @$%#

What is a Quant?

I hate to think these were the guys we picked on in High School… This crisis is ongoing and it will only let up when our money has a new name and face.

Responsible Solutions?

The Federal Looter Drug Administration approves a new pill for “Responsible Women” who fear pregnancy. “Ella” is designed to be used within five days of  unprotected sexual intercourse or a contraceptive failure that could result in a unwanted young one. This alternative to abortion will require a prescription however you better act fast because you [...]

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

Remember looter Lloyd Blankfein? Of course you don’t… anyway he and other Goldman Sachs (<–link) execs chopped up millions in a recent sale of stocks. Blankfein exercised 90,681 stock options at a strike price of $82.875, and obtained a $6.09 million gross profit by selling the resulting shares on Wednesday at prices between $148.97 to [...]

The Soundtrack-Let It Go

This video is absolutely perfect for the site…. Riot gear, a prison break, crazy stiff animation and hard beats and rhymes.  Cormega featuring The Mash Out Posse- Let It Go off the Legal Hustle Vol. 1 Compilation @$%# Post Script: Check out The Soundtrack playlist to the right by mixpod

Who Am I?-The Looters

If I were to look and talk like this jerk, could I head a kool-aid stand let alone the treasury dept or the infamous GS…. Come on in for a laugh…

Jeff Rense hosts “The Bronx Boy” Gerald Celente

Jeff Rense interviews Gerald Celente where they talk about the the oil spill, the global crisis and the looters… lootofariot will continue post on the oil gash until the shit is FIXED(if it can be fixed???).  Listen to this 30+ minutes of raw rap which is obvious to some and oblivious to the others. This [...]

Who Am I-The Looters

Often referred to as “The Brilliant”, this looter has served under the last two democratic Presidents in some capacity and can be accredited to the construction of the infamous 2008 Banker Bailout. There are dozens of reasons why you should know and understand this man, for he has more Juice than “Q” on the roof. [...]

NASA and the Muslim World

Watch the latest news video at Hannity doesn’t think that Muslims deserve any consideration when dealing with America’s outer space research and development… What do you think???

DEA seizes drug smuggling submarine

The Drug Enforcement Agency along with Ecuadorean officials seized a 30 meter submarine yesterday near the Colombian border. The Sub was designed to hold as much as 2400lbs of cocaine and was estimated to cost about 4 million dollars. The specs of the sub revealed room for a six man crew with features such as [...]