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What is a Quant?

I hate to think these were the guys we picked on in High School… This crisis is ongoing and it will only let up when our money has a new name and face.

Whats the Difference…

…Between Porn and Prostitution? The Camera Stupid!!! Kamikaze Koczar @$%#

Who Am I?-The Looters

This King of  Looters currently heads the most sinister banking cartel in the world(my opinion). They have looted the financial market for decades and these days have been more obvious than ever. If you care about knowing who’s who in a riot, do your research on this gangster… Come in

From Freedom to Fascism

Shouts out to Aaron Russo for this Classic… If you are not familiar, Get Familiar!!!

For Lease

Check this scenario… You own quite a bit of rental property but you have no tenants. Of course you had equity before the collapse of the housing market but now all you have is your savings. Every month you have numerous mortgages to pay for but how can you pay them without depleting your savings [...]

Who Am I?-The Looters

It is very important to know the names of the people who affect our everyday lives. This guy controls interest rates, prints money, extends credit and makes private deals all in the name of independence. Get familiar!!!