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Shouts Out to John Boehner…

For the Best-Dressed looter in Congress! This Muthafucka is flyer than “Maserati” John Gotti!!! I would talk about how he backed out of talks to raise the debt ceiling but who gives a fuck? The right and the left are on the same body and we are the loot from which both hands steal…@$%# Say [...]

Hustle Man, Ice Pic & Marty Mar

When Martin Lawrence was “The Man” and Tracy Morgan was truly “Totally Awesome”… Check how stoned Martin was in this clip, he could hardly keep his composure @$%#

Are children born messed up or Is it the Parenting?

Well after a couple weeks off, we are proud to present another hilarious topic from The Ghetto Dr. Phil. This week on the Corey Holcomb 5150 show the question is “Are your children born f*cked up or is it the parenting?” Enjoy @$%# Part 1

‘The Boondocks’ Series Finale?

I will say that this is/was a great series however I’m not sure that the last two episodes “ever” served the people right. IMO it could’ve been written better although the concept was cool… You decide… @$%#

Who’s the bigger burden to society…

What’s the deal folks? I hope you guys didn’t divorce me during my down-time but I’m back to give you all of those topics that you love. I had to do a heat check to see if any of my readers missed the site any or even cared if I continued to blog. With a [...]

Who Am I?-The Looters

Just when thought our looters were limited to Wall Street and Government Crooks, think again! This King Looter has been around for decades looting artists, companies and fans worldwide. With a host of accolades ranging from platinum records to fragrances, this scumbag has looted every artist he has come in contact with the  exception of [...]

High As Fuck!!!

I don’t know what drugs these fuckers are on but they better get some girls and food quick @$%#

Can Good Sex Make You Leave Your Relationship?

This week on the Corey Holcomb 5150 show, Robert Tubbs C-Ho and “Dahlene” Ortiz asks “Can Good Sex make you leave your significant other?” I post these shows for the shock factor and the beauty of the 1st Amendment no matter how ugly it can get @$%# Part 1

Why Don’t People Plan to Fail in Relationships?

Part 1 Well folks another week of The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show and the topic this week is “Based on statistics, Why don’t people plan to fail in relationships”? Every week this show is available we will be posting it to show the world how much of a one-man-riot The Ghetto Dr. Phil really is. [...]

Old Fashioned Ass-Whoopin’

I’ll put it like this… This kid is not 2 or 3 years old. He has the mannerisms of a 7-10 year old. I’m sure people remember Emmanuel Lewis or the late Gary Coleman, those dudes looked 5 forever but in all actuality they were much older. I wish someone would show me lil buddy’s [...]