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What about the Private Contractors?

A friend of mine asked me what did I think about the troops coming out of Iraq in which I replied “What about the Contractors”? Everyone knows(I hope) that there has been cowboys Mercenaries in the middle-east fighting alongside the troops since day one. These guys have very few people to answer to(if anyone) and [...]

What is a Quant?

I hate to think these were the guys we picked on in High School… This crisis is ongoing and it will only let up when our money has a new name and face.

War with Iran???

Every news organization is constantly mentioning an upcoming conflict with Iran and how it could be the beginning of WW3 but what will the American sheeple people say. Will we believe the liars in Washington when they claim how dangerous Iran is and how they want to blow us up or how they want to [...]

Not so Fast!

This is what the new 100 Dollar Bill will look like but the question is: How long before the US Dollar crashes making this currency worth less than it is now? There have been talks about a new “Global Currency” on the horizon. Any takers??? @$%#

Kiddie Porn in the Pentagon

Something wicked this way comes… This is a true sign of a society that is due for a cleansing. According to Fox News, several dozen pentagon workers with highly sensitive security clearances were picked up in a child porn sting. These  filthy fuckers apparently used government computers to view and purchase child pornography while dealing [...]

Who Am I?-The Looters

This King of  Looters currently heads the most sinister banking cartel in the world(my opinion). They have looted the financial market for decades and these days have been more obvious than ever. If you care about knowing who’s who in a riot, do your research on this gangster… Come in

Riot Watch: Oakland

Been gone for half-a-day and a few things have happened, LeBron ditched his team, Gangster-Pimp Obama asked for more clean energy money and the people of Oakland riot after Transit Police officer Johannes Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Mehserle was convicted after six hours of deliberation in a case where he was caught [...]

A Looter with Supporters

And he’s the only one???

Freedom Watch

Great Show from the horses mouth@$%#

Unemployment Benefits-0, Oil Spill-???

Congress recently failed to pass a bill that would extend unemployment benefits to over a million Americans currently out of work. DemoCrooks were 3 votes shy of  60 which would pass the bill but the power hungry RepubliCons are thinking more about the upcoming election than the American people who depend on these benefits. Isn’t [...]