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Are children born messed up or Is it the Parenting?

Well after a couple weeks off, we are proud to present another hilarious topic from The Ghetto Dr. Phil. This week on the Corey Holcomb 5150 show the question is “Are your children born f*cked up or is it the parenting?” Enjoy @$%# Part 1

Who’s the bigger burden to society…

What’s the deal folks? I hope you guys didn’t divorce me during my down-time but I’m back to give you all of those topics that you love. I had to do a heat check to see if any of my readers missed the site any or even cared if I continued to blog. With a [...]

Can Good Sex Make You Leave Your Relationship?

This week on the Corey Holcomb 5150 show, Robert Tubbs C-Ho and “Dahlene” Ortiz asks “Can Good Sex make you leave your significant other?” I post these shows for the shock factor and the beauty of the 1st Amendment no matter how ugly it can get @$%# Part 1

Who gets the better deal, White or Black artists?

This week on Corey Holcomb’s 5150 show (XM sirius satelitte radio on Foxxhole Radio Mondays 8pm/11pm eastern) the topic is who gets the better music deals, white artists or black artists. Corey and Dahlene goes on to talk about Puffy’s shady business practices, speaks with Lyfe Jennings and of course acts a fuckin fool. However [...]

Introducing the Ghetto Dr. Phil Corey Holcomb – Dearly Beloved Futurama New Episodes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Russell Simmon Stand-Up Comedy If you good folks are unfamiliar with Corey Holcomb you  must be in the woods waiting for martial law. This comedic genius can be seen on The Cleveland Show as “Robert The baby-daddy” (himself), @ a [...]