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The N Word in Hip-Hop…

Never heard of the HaterAzzi Radio Show but this shit was post-worthy on lootofariot… Go IN!!!

Shabazz Palaces-Black Up

Art Via Dumb Eyes Sounds Via Sub Pop

We Miss Chad “Pimp C” Butler

In a time where no one is speaking on the buffoonery going on in the rap world these days, the one person we could depend on is no longer with us. It seems he was the only one who had the kahounas to discuss the funny business that goes on in the industry from gay [...]

The Soundtrack-Let It Go

This video is absolutely perfect for the site…. Riot gear, a prison break, crazy stiff animation and hard beats and rhymes.  Cormega featuring The Mash Out Posse- Let It Go off the Legal Hustle Vol. 1 Compilation @$%# Post Script: Check out The Soundtrack playlist to the right by mixpod

What Happened to Positive Rap?

Oh Yeah, Money@$%#

Quote of the day-Guru

Our quote of the day will be from none other than the late-great Keith “Guru” Elam from the legendary Hip-Hop act Gang Starr… This one comes off of The LP “The Ownerz” from the song “Same Team, No Games” featuring H Staxx and The NYG’z. “Cut off a snakes head then we break bread, Same [...]

Gimme the Loot-The Soundtrack

This is the first song of our site soundtrack. All tracks on the soundtrack are symbolic in content. The lyrics, concept, and production will serve as the bridge from the artist to the looters of the world.