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What about the Private Contractors?

A friend of mine asked me what did I think about the troops coming out of Iraq in which I replied “What about the Contractors”? Everyone knows(I hope) that there has been cowboys Mercenaries in the middle-east fighting alongside the troops since day one. These guys have very few people to answer to(if anyone) and [...]

Where is the love for our fellow man?

My heart and prayers are with the people of Pakistan. It is a terrible idea that a nation such as the US with so much sympathy for the wealth preservation of the rich, the ignorant and criminally possessed, have little sympathy for those truly in need. The money spent on the occupation of 100+ countries [...]

What is a Quant?

I hate to think these were the guys we picked on in High School… This crisis is ongoing and it will only let up when our money has a new name and face.

War with Iran???

Every news organization is constantly mentioning an upcoming conflict with Iran and how it could be the beginning of WW3 but what will the American sheeple people say. Will we believe the liars in Washington when they claim how dangerous Iran is and how they want to blow us up or how they want to [...]

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Each day during this month, Muslims all over the world abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, sexual desires as well as participating in anything that is ill-natured or excessive(from dawn until the sun sets). This is also the month where muslims from all over the world perform [...]

Blackberry Ban? NOOOOOOOOO

Some of us are crazy about our iPhones, others are Crackberry Blackberry aficionados, and we can’t forget about our other smart phone geeks- the G1, Droid, and HTC junkies( I know, it sounds like a real narcotic). But the real news is that in which the UAE(United Arab Emirates) imposes a ban on RIM’s super [...]

NASA and the Muslim World

Watch the latest news video at Hannity doesn’t think that Muslims deserve any consideration when dealing with America’s outer space research and development… What do you think???

Is Bin Laden Invisible to Google Satellites?

To my understanding, Bin Laden is either dead or being protected by the looters. Instead of sending thousands of troops to hunt one man, Why not the gov’t just use a fraction of that money to spy from outer-space(which I’m sure is possible) and send the “CONtractorS” to get him. I know what your thinking: [...]

What does “International Order” mean to you?

President Obama gave a speech Sat May 22, 2010 about America’s dependence on the global alliance for leverage in far out lands… Does this mean that we can finally say that there is no New World Order and the world leaders want to work together to bring about “Peace”…