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The N Word in Hip-Hop…

Never heard of the HaterAzzi Radio Show but this shit was post-worthy on lootofariot… Go IN!!!

Proof That Racism is Wack!!!

I think I was in High School when this dropped and I came to the conclusion that it’s not instinct to hate one another.  Man is the beginning and end of such behavior, check out how Buddy was about to clock Jordy @ the 0:23 mark (LMAO)… I just hope little man ain’t somewhere coppin [...]


Probably the most beautiful woman in music today… Watch the video on her site/not mines… Respect!!! M.I.A.-XXXO (<—link)

Responsible Solutions?

The Federal Looter Drug Administration approves a new pill for “Responsible Women” who fear pregnancy. “Ella” is designed to be used within five days of  unprotected sexual intercourse or a contraceptive failure that could result in a unwanted young one. This alternative to abortion will require a prescription however you better act fast because you [...]

As Is-The Soundtrack

This sweet melody hypnotized me way back when I used to work at the sneaker store in Amherst. “As Is” is not only the title of the song but it’s a way to view the world. We you meet someone, you have to accept them as they are  otherwise you will deal in facades. However [...]

Eye For An Eye-The Soundtrack

I remember being about 14 or 15 hearing this song for the first time in my man Miguel’s whip thinking about revenge, and this is how it made our Soundtrack. An Eye for an Eye is as old as the Old Testament but it worries me that the looters responsible for all of the senseless [...]

Quote Of The Day-Marvin Gaye

“Hang Ups… Let Downs… Bad Breaks… Set Backs…” Say no more…

Live to Tell-The Soundtrack

If you haven’t noticed yet we have a site soundtrack of all types of music and other soundbites and today’s mention goes to none other than Madonna. Her music took the pop world by storm in the eighties and my fondest memory of her music was my cousin Terra singing “Like a Virgin” for Mommie [...]

Quote of the day-Guru

Our quote of the day will be from none other than the late-great Keith “Guru” Elam from the legendary Hip-Hop act Gang Starr… This one comes off of The LP “The Ownerz” from the song “Same Team, No Games” featuring H Staxx and The NYG’z. “Cut off a snakes head then we break bread, Same [...]

Who gets the better deal, White or Black artists?

This week on Corey Holcomb’s 5150 show (XM sirius satelitte radio on Foxxhole Radio Mondays 8pm/11pm eastern) the topic is who gets the better music deals, white artists or black artists. Corey and Dahlene goes on to talk about Puffy’s shady business practices, speaks with Lyfe Jennings and of course acts a fuckin fool. However [...]