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What about the Private Contractors?

A friend of mine asked me what did I think about the troops coming out of Iraq in which I replied “What about the Contractors”? Everyone knows(I hope) that there has been cowboys Mercenaries in the middle-east fighting alongside the troops since day one. These guys have very few people to answer to(if anyone) and [...]

Responsible Solutions?

The Federal Looter Drug Administration approves a new pill for “Responsible Women” who fear pregnancy. “Ella” is designed to be used within five days of  unprotected sexual intercourse or a contraceptive failure that could result in a unwanted young one. This alternative to abortion will require a prescription however you better act fast because you [...]

2011 eyes 46 cent stamps

Less than two years since the last postage rate increase, the USPS proposes a 2 cent postage stamp increase which could take effect January 2011. The USPS (owned by our looters government) has cut more than 200,000 jobs through attrition and will trim $3.5 billion in costs by Sept. 30, said Maura Robinson, USPS vice [...]

A Looter with Supporters

And he’s the only one???

Old Fashioned Ass-Whoopin’

I’ll put it like this… This kid is not 2 or 3 years old. He has the mannerisms of a 7-10 year old. I’m sure people remember Emmanuel Lewis or the late Gary Coleman, those dudes looked 5 forever but in all actuality they were much older. I wish someone would show me lil buddy’s [...]

On The Button

I’m not sure if any of you have seen this before but this was new to me! The “Homeboy” got done dirty by the other homeboy with the serious video game moves and then was asked if he was alright. This is what I call a certified riot… Kamikaze Koczar Post Script- The quality is [...]