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Don’t Ask But Do Tell

I guess World-Famous Pirate Barack Obama thought it was about time to end the ban on openly gay military service. Starting September 20th gay service members will be able to openly acknowledge their sexual orientation. The lift also allows those who were discharged over the past 17 years under Clinton’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell” policy [...]

A Word For The President…

Earn Your Noble Peace Prize, Talk to Ahmadinejad!!! It’s unfortunate that teleprompters won’t help during a real debate but save face and talk to Iran! Although I’m not convinced that a mere conversation will end all conflict, but at least let the American people decide for themselves. Make intentions to act peacefully. Think logically, you [...]

What does “International Order” mean to you?

President Obama gave a speech Sat May 22, 2010 about America’s dependence on the global alliance for leverage in far out lands… Does this mean that we can finally say that there is no New World Order and the world leaders want to work together to bring about “Peace”…