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Whats the Difference…

…Between Porn and Prostitution? The Camera Stupid!!! Kamikaze Koczar @$%#

War with Iran???

Every news organization is constantly mentioning an upcoming conflict with Iran and how it could be the beginning of WW3 but what will the American sheeple people say. Will we believe the liars in Washington when they claim how dangerous Iran is and how they want to blow us up or how they want to [...]

The 99′ers

Okay, It’s been a couple of weeks since America’s unemployed received relief through the unemployment benefits extension but what about those often referred to as The 99′ers. The 99′ers are Americans that have been unemployed over two years and have exhausted 99 weeks of unemployment and emergency benefits. The terrible part about these people being [...]

The Constitution-The 5th Amendment

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject [...]

Who the fuck cares?

The purpose of this little niche on the world wide web is to promote political and social awareness. I was recently told by one young lady that she didn’t get my blog??? Truth is, I know that she didn’t get it before I told her to visit. Today’s society reads less than ever and is [...]

Who Am I?-The Looters

If I were to look and talk like this jerk, could I head a kool-aid stand let alone the treasury dept or the infamous GS…. Come on in for a laugh…

The People Blocking the Bill?

As most people know, there is a severe shortage of jobs and federal unemployment extension benefits expired June 2, 2010. With that said, what happens if Congress decides not to pass the bill to almost 2 million Americans? Truth is, you can’t send all of the jobs overseas without eventually creating an unemployment crisis. Manufacturing [...]

Have we been in a Depression?

Let Helicopter Ben tell it, we will not go into a depression but the people on Main St. are feeling a bit apprehensive. With the trade deficit in the tens of billions every month and the stealth unemployment numbers deceiving the public, some think a depression is eminent. In the For Lease post we talked [...]

Why Not Ron Paul?

I have personally followed Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul since about 2006 and I have found his political views and voting record to be impressive. My issue is why is he so disrespected by his constituents??? The man is a medical doctor and veteran who is constantly being mocked by people with little to no [...]

The New Black Panthers

Although this dude comes off pretty intense(based on previous interviews) and sometimes a bit too militant, he makes some statements that can spark an intellectual debate. I don’t necessarily see the Tea Party racist sentiment so it seems like Shabazz could be on someones payroll to be a shit starter. I think if blacks the [...]