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Have we been in a Depression?

Let Helicopter Ben tell it, we will not go into a depression but the people on Main St. are feeling a bit apprehensive. With the trade deficit in the tens of billions every month and the stealth unemployment numbers deceiving the public, some think a depression is eminent. In the For Lease post we talked [...]

WTF is a Civilian Inmate?

I can’t call this one but what I will say is this is not something a conspiracy theorist has made up. This is directly from the US Army and it is not pretty. All of these so-called FEMA camps may not be FEMA after all, they may be military prisons designed to hold “civilian inmates” [...]

Who Am I-The Looters

Often referred to as “The Brilliant”, this looter has served under the last two democratic Presidents in some capacity and can be accredited to the construction of the infamous 2008 Banker Bailout. There are dozens of reasons why you should know and understand this man, for he has more Juice than “Q” on the roof. [...]

Riot Watch: Oakland

Been gone for half-a-day and a few things have happened, LeBron ditched his team, Gangster-Pimp Obama asked for more clean energy money and the people of Oakland riot after Transit Police officer Johannes Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Mehserle was convicted after six hours of deliberation in a case where he was caught [...]

Freedom Watch

Great Show from the horses mouth@$%#

Journalist Naomi Klein puts G20 2010 On Blast

Watch live streaming video from rabbletv at Shouts out to my girl Lisa out of Toronto(who is a contributing author on this very site) for this post. This piece here exposes my second home in regards to the 1 Billion dollar price tag of lastweekends G20 Summit.  Journalist Naomi Klein is ice-cold when it [...]

A Riot

One of the best pranks ever!!!

lootofariot on twitter

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Who Am I?-The Looters

Who is the Mofo? What does he do? And why is he always raising the skin over his eyes his eyebrows… Come on in and hear his defense.