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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

Remember looter Lloyd Blankfein? Of course you don’t… anyway he and other Goldman Sachs (<–link) execs chopped up millions in a recent sale of stocks. Blankfein exercised 90,681 stock options at a strike price of $82.875, and obtained a $6.09 million gross profit by selling the resulting shares on Wednesday at prices between $148.97 to [...]

The 99′ers

Okay, It’s been a couple of weeks since America’s unemployed received relief through the unemployment benefits extension but what about those often referred to as The 99′ers. The 99′ers are Americans that have been unemployed over two years and have exhausted 99 weeks of unemployment and emergency benefits. The terrible part about these people being [...]

Freedom Watch

This weeks Fox News dose of Fair And Balanced Bullshit journalism… Don’t your boy Napolitano sound like Weezie from ‘The Jeffersons?

The People Blocking the Bill?

As most people know, there is a severe shortage of jobs and federal unemployment extension benefits expired June 2, 2010. With that said, what happens if Congress decides not to pass the bill to almost 2 million Americans? Truth is, you can’t send all of the jobs overseas without eventually creating an unemployment crisis. Manufacturing [...]

Congress Set to recess again in a month

The dream job of every American should be to serve in the United States Congress. They make a pretty decent salary, go on vacation more than any teacher, fly around in PJ’s(not projects) and care more about re-election than the voters who vote them in. Word around the Hill is that The RepubliCONS are voting [...]