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What about the Private Contractors?

A friend of mine asked me what did I think about the troops coming out of Iraq in which I replied “What about the Contractors”? Everyone knows(I hope) that there has been cowboys Mercenaries in the middle-east fighting alongside the troops since day one. These guys have very few people to answer to(if anyone) and [...]

War with Iran???

Every news organization is constantly mentioning an upcoming conflict with Iran and how it could be the beginning of WW3 but what will the American sheeple people say. Will we believe the liars in Washington when they claim how dangerous Iran is and how they want to blow us up or how they want to [...]

Kim Jong Ill’n

Days after old ass Billary Clinton announces new sanctions on N. Korea, these fools are making threats… These fools have the nukes and I bet NObama and the Democrooks or the RepubliCONS won’t fuck with them like they are fucking with the foot soldiers of middle-east. Fuckin Looters @$%#