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A Word For The President…

Earn Your Noble Peace Prize, Talk to Ahmadinejad!!! It’s unfortunate that teleprompters won’t help during a real debate but save face and talk to Iran! Although I’m not convinced that a mere conversation will end all conflict, but at least let the American people decide for themselves. Make intentions to act peacefully. Think logically, you [...]

Freedom Watch

This weeks Fox News dose of Fair And Balanced Bullshit journalism… Don’t your boy Napolitano sound like Weezie from ‘The Jeffersons?

Who Am I-The Looters

Often referred to as “The Brilliant”, this looter has served under the last two democratic Presidents in some capacity and can be accredited to the construction of the infamous 2008 Banker Bailout. There are dozens of reasons why you should know and understand this man, for he has more Juice than “Q” on the roof. [...]

Who Am I?-The Looters

This guy may be the Dick Cheney of the Obama administration and possibly the most powerful man in the country(;D)… Sorry Barry Barack we know the deal… In case you don’t know here is the gateway but please dig deeper…